D800 Test Photos…

I just got the Nikon D800 and decided to take some test shots. Since it was raining out I had to improvise so Cindy and Sully got to be test subjects. I gotta say, the D800 is amazing! Worth every penny. Also, I have a beautiful wife and an awesome dog.
Cindy7_SM Cindy6_SM Cindy5_SM Cindy4_SM Cindy3_SM Cindy2_SM Cindy1_SM








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I'm a professional Webmaster and Web Apps Developer. I do it because I can and the pay is decent; I don't like it much but it pays the bills. Like most people, my job isn't my passion, and I struggle every day trying to figure out a way to get paid well enough to do what I really want to do, so I can quit my regular job. For me, my passion lies in two areas. In order of preference, I'd rather be a novelist and/or a photographer. It's exceedingly difficult to be a novelist...or, at least, a successful one. So, that one will be much more difficult to achieve. But, I love writing, so, whether or not I'm successful, I'll probably keep writing regardless. I already have a side business as a photographer, but shooting weddings isn't exactly what I had in mind. But, it's gotta start somewhere, right?
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  1. Wow, you sure do!!!!

  2. I love my “test shots”! Thanks babe.

  3. The second shot of Cindy is my favorite. And the picture of Sully is awesome of course!

  4. Great Shots, Rob! Sweet camera, too! Lucky bugger!

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