I’m a nerd. There’s really no getting around that. But, more to the point, I’m a huge Star Wars nerd. So, when I was reading the Wired website and saw this Finnish photographer had taken a bunch of pictures of his kid’s Star Wars Lego sets in various dioramas, I was floored. These were amazingly well produced shots. So, despite that fact that I’d be blatantly ripping his idea off, I had to try and see if I could do the same thing.

So, what would I need? Well, Lego to start. I haven’t owned any Lego since I was a little kid, and not having any kids of my own, I didn’t really have a reason to. So, off to Toys R Us I went to get some. Much to my shock, I saw the price tag on this stuff; especially the Star Wars sets! But, I wanted to do this, so I bought a couple of sets…not the ones I WANTED, mind you. I really wanted that AT-AT Walker, but it was going to be $400, soooo, no. I didn’t want to get a divorce, after all.

Then there was the learning how to make dioramas. That was actually pretty interesting. Got some foam blocks and paint, and about eight pounds of baking soda to simulate snow.

Fortunately, I already had all the photo gear I’d need. I would have liked to have had a couple more portable flashes, but, again, that whole divorce thing nipped that idea in the bud.

I was seriously channeling my inner child, because I had a blast building those damn Lego sets, and just as much fun screwing around trying to make foam blocks look like snow covered mountains/hills. Anyway, I’m far from done with this, but here’s what I’ve taken so far:






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  1. Awesome pics Rob!!!
    The price of Star Wars lego is ridiculous, I have yet to buy any for my kids, I was floored when I saw the price.

  2. Coolest. Dioramas. Ever! Well done!

  3. Really cool Rob. LMK if you want to do something like this with some of the original figures and playsets. I still have all my stuff from when I was a kid. Some of it is even in okay shape.

  4. Good to know, man. I will probably take you up on that. Lego is too damn expensive not to borrow when I get the opportunity.

  5. If you come out this way again, we have Tons of Lego Star Wars. We also have a very large At At and Falcon (not lego though)

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